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Elizabethan Era
Research Project

1. Using the information you gathered, write a brief informational report that would teach someone else about your topic. Assume they have never heard of your topic, and you need to give them a general overview to educate them. NO MORE THAN ONE PAGE!!!!

2. Ensure that all of your informational sources are credible and are properly documented at the bottom of your one page report.

3. Prepare a mini-presentation to share the information from your report. Be creative! You may use any technology or techniques to make your presentation more interesting.

- Food
- Clothing
- Houses / Architecture
- Family life
- Entertainment (non-theatrical)
- Education
- Medicine
- Crime & Punishment
- England’s Place in the World
- Religion
- Music
- Sports
- Visual Art
- Theatre
- Science & Technology

Level 4
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1

Information is clear (A)

Information is informative (K)

Presentation is creative (T)

Presentation is clearly audible (C)

There is eye contact / engagement with audience. (C)

Report uses proper language conventions (spelling, grammar, etc.) (C)

Information is properly sourced (A)

Witten work demonstrates proper understanding of report format (K)


Demonstrating Your Understanding

Sometimes you may get to choose how you want to demonstrate your understanding of a topic or concept. Below are some ideas on ways you may choose to do so.

This is quick discussion outlining some of the benefits and challenges for each method of demonstrating your understanding.