Penetanguishene Secondary School 21st Century Research Skills

*created as part of an action research project with Simcoe County District School Board, Student Success Department

This module or activity contains four parts as listed below. The diagnostic and post-assessment activities will need to be adapted to cover topics from the specific content of a course. The framework is included, the topics just need to be added. This allows this activity to be integrated into any course conducting research online as part of a task.

The learning goals of this activity are:
  • We are learning to find information using effective web-searching skills
  • We are learning to find valid information by critically evaluating the credibility of internet sources

The success criteria will likely vary from class to class depending on a variety of factors. These are likely best determined as a class.

Some examples could include:
  • I can use an advanced google search to reduce the number of relevant websites I get
  • I can use search tips like "", -, site:org to reduce the number of relevant websites I get
  • I can find the author, date updated and owner of a website to help me find out if it is a credible source or not
  • I can choose which search engine to use in different situations
  • I can verify information I find on wikipedia

Parts of the Activity

Part 1: Diagnostic

Part 2: Lesson on Searching for Information on the Web

Part 3: Lesson on Determining Credible Sources

Part 4: Post-Assessment

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